Laser/Water Jet Cutting Available on

  • Steel & stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass & copper
  • Marble & granite
  • Ceramic & glass tile
  • Plastic & Phenolic materials
  • Rubber materials
  • Laminate wood materials
  • Most natural & synthetic materials

Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet CuttingWater Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is an excellent complement to laser cutting. Water jet provides all of the benefits of laser cutting, including rapid turnaround and precision work. Plus, there is no heat affected zone, there are no edge burrs or discoloration, and unlike lasers, water jets can cut highly reflective materials such as aluminum. Water jets even excel at cutting thicker materials that lasers can't get through.

Additionally, creating blanks for milling operations becomes a snap using the water jet. With a near-net shape from the start, milling times are dramatically reduced. In short, water jet cutting allows Atlas to reduce lead times on prototype development and production jobs simply because we can cut what others can't.

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