Machining and Turning

Atlas Tool Works provides multi axis precision machining capabilities to customers in a wide array of industries that require tight tolerance components and assemblies. Our multi axis machining centers and expert operators provide for the machining of complex shapes and part configurations from a broad range of materials. Additionally, we will provide expert guidance with regards to other machining considerations including part holding/fixturing. 

We routinely hold tolerances of +/- .0005” and can grind to even tighter tolerances. We are experienced working with some of the most difficult to machine materials including: Inconel, precipitation hardening stainless steels like grades 17-4, 13-8 and 15-5, and 304 Stainless steel. We can hard mill and hard turn materials in any heat treated condition, even when hardness is above Rc 60.

Multiple Axis Machining Centers In-House

Turning / Lathe Work

Turning + Milling (Mill/Turn)

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